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Fondation Partenarial Mov’eoTec (VED)

Role in the project

VEDECOM will participate in all the activities related with Ethical issues and will also support the certain tasks on acceptance together with RUG, leading WP2. Its participation will be based on:

  • Leading partner on ethical and legal issues pertinent to the public acceptance of CAV

  • Carry out mid-project experiment to test vehicle and driver ethical decision making process.

Carry out evaluation study on WOZ of CAV and ALFRED.

Partner description

Created in February 2014, VEDECOM is an Institute for Energy Transition (ITE) launched as part of the French Government’s Investments for the Future Program (PIA), dedicated to carbon-free, automated, and sustainable mobility. The primary mission of VED is to boost innovative research at pre-competitive and pre-normative research level in its research domains while bringing together main stakeholders from industry, academy, and public authorities. The institute currently federates more than 50 partners, including OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, universities, transport operators, SMEs, and local public authorities. VED is charged with three main pillars of “Automated Vehicle Plan” of the government corresponding to on-board technologies, human factors & HMI, and connectivity. The institute promotes multi-disciplinary research among engineers, data scientists, physicists, sociologists, psychologists, economists, and lawyers, among many others.