Use Cases
Investigate the factors behind public acceptability of CAV in a holistic way, featuring the forthcoming European road situation and identifying fundamental insights on promoting acceptance.
Generate a cross-cultural framework for ethical and legal issues emerging from CAV deployment.
Investigate the human-component concept in CAV and develop a model to monitor and interpret the passenger state based on the cognitive state and emotional response.
Define a set of on-board services to influence on passenger’s state and improve their experience.
Develop an immersive Virtual Human-Centred Design (V-HCD) platform to support “immersive experiences”, (1) as a passenger or (2) as an external agent, for testing and validating ALFRED.
Generate and validate the concept of ALFRED.
Use Cases

ALFRED is one of the main results of SUaaVE project, a layer of behavior of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) that will make them more sensitive to passenger needs. By extension, we have called ALFRED to the new CAV in the use cases.

  "Like everyday, Wendy leaves school at 17.00. She waits patiently for ALFRED and…here it is, as punctual as always. ALFRED will pick up Wendy and carry her to her mom’s office to go together home.

Wendy grabs the door handle and, after recognizing her fingerprints, the car door opens softly. A small red flashing light inside the car indicates that ALFRED camera is on, observing Wendy behavior and checking if there is anybody else with her. Everything is safe, Wendy gets into the car, and the door closes smoothly.

While Wendy accommodates, ALFRED waits until she has completely fastened her seatbealt. The electric engine silently turns on and the vehicle begins to move.

ALFRED says to Wendy “Wen, please, say hello to mom”. Wendy smiles and weaves her hand. ALFRED records a short video and sends a WhatsApp to Wendy’s mom “Wendy in the car. Routing: Mom’s Workplace. Status: OK”, attaching the video.

After a while, it starts to rain heavily. The traffic is dense and some drivers honk nervously. The rain becomes a storm and there is thunder and lightings every few minutes. Wendy is becoming anxious, she just want to be with mom.

Using his camera, ALFRED detects an unexpected increase of Heart Rate in Wendy. If these levels increase, Wendy can have a crisis. “Wendy” – says ALFRED – “You’d like this”. ALFRED turns a projector hidden in the roof and the favorite Wendy’s cartoon appear in the side window.

Wendy watches the cartoon but she can still hear the storm, her levels of anxiety do not reduce significantly and ALFRED decides to call Wendy’s mom with a voice message “Nothing severe. Wendy anxious 30%. Probable cause: Rain/Traffic” and then connecting to her phone camera

The cartoon fades out and Mom’s face appears in the side window. Wendy’s face changes and smiles, talking hurriedly about the storm and how nervous she feels. Wendy’s mom talks with her for a while, asking her about her day. Wendy’s heartbeat begins to slow down. ALFRED alarm decreases and drives to Mom’s office in the “safe & comfort” mode. Maybe it takes a bit more of time, but Wendy will feel less stressed."

Although not real yet, the new uses of the autonomous vehicle will lead to unexpected scenarios where we and our beloved ones will be driven by smart and sensitive cars that will, not only carry them from A to B, but taking real care guarantying a safe and satisfying experience.